2023 Employee Anniversaries

Clarence Davids & Company is proud to have so many long-term employees. It is because of the commitment of our staff that we are able to be a consistent leader in the landscape industry. Below are some comments from Bill Davids regarding each employee celebrating an anniversary this year.


Julio Mora, Landscape Production Manager – Matteson

Julio is one of our key landscape production managers. Over the years he has provided a wealth of experience to our landscape projects and clients. Julio has been a mentor to our foreman and crew members. His help has allowed our projects to run smoothly and efficiently.

Primitivo Garcia, Yard Foreman – Plainfield

Clients don’t always realize material for job sites comes from all over the region. Primitivo plays a pivotal part in gathering plants and hardscape for our crews. Thank you Primitivo for being a respected leader for 40 great years.

Rafael Alvarez, Maintenance Production Manager – Matteson

Rafael is excellent in managing maintenance crews, shop, payroll, and hiring employees for production. He has overseen Crystal Tree subdivision for 30 years. He has helped build the Clarence Davids maintenance department to what it has become today. We are proud that you have been a part of us for 40 years.

Todd Meyer, Sales Account Representative – Plainfield

Todd is an account representative at our Fox Valley branch. Todd is the architect of opening and sustaining the Plainfield office since 1989. He is well respected by his clients and the rest of the team. Todd has also changed the map of “safety culture” for our whole team. Congratulations Todd and thank you on celebrating 40 dedicated years.


Brian McAnally, Branch Manager – Plainfield

Brian joined our team after graduation from Oklahoma State University. He has been instrumental to our lawn care department with his expertise in turf. Brian was promoted to branch manager of our Plainfield office 2 years ago. Thank you and congratulations Brian on celebrating your 35th year!

Efrain Garcia, Maintenance Foreman – Matteson

Efrain is the foreman for BP Amoco and Trinity Christian College. Efrain has been an integral part of our maintenance department, where continued protocols are in place, therefore requiring on site safety standards. He is respected by his peers and continues to help everybody on a daily basis.

Fortino Moreno, Landscape Foreman – Plainfield

With thirty-five years out in the field, Fortino has completed all types of landscape projects. Always proactive in planning ahead, he draws upon his experience for each undertaking. He continues to mentor other foreman and their crews in teaching them all aspects of landscape construction.


Carlos Perez, Landscape Foreman – Matteson

Carlos is a dedicated hard working foreman. He is detailed orientated and always eager to work on challenging projects. Thank you for 30 years!

Dave Julien, Landscape Production Manager – Plainfield

Dave is a humble, quiet speaking leader who leads by example. He puts his teams needs before his own. All of his staff respects and enjoys working for and with him. Thank you and congratulations Dave for 30 years!

Erasmo Segobiano, Landscape Foreman – Plainfield

Erasmo has always had the ability to find solutions to on-site challenges, coming up with unique ways to handle the wide variety of locations that Clarence Davids & Co. manages. For 30 years, he has been a valuable asset to the company as well as his peers.

Leopoldo Perez, Landscape Crew Member – Matteson

Leopoldo is currently the longest working landscape laborer in Matteson. Always steady, focused, and levelheaded, Leopoldo leads by example. Thank you, Leopoldo, for being a part of the Men’s U.S Open Golf Championship for 20 years!

Marco Mejia, Maintenance Foreman – Matteson

Marco is our head tree pruning and tree removal foreman. Season after season his expertise in tree care is unwavering. Marco is dedicated, always working extra hours when needed and is an integral part in snow removal services.

Stephen Borden, Senior Sales Representative – Matteson

Stephen uses his flair and creativity for color and design to improve each one of his accounts he manages. His talent extends to his love for Christmas decorating which has really raised the bar for our clients. Thank you and congratulations Stephen on 30 incredible growing years!

Timothy Hoskins, Sales Account Representative – Matteson

Tim is a landscape architect graduate from Michigan State University. He uses his knowledge of design to bring incredible enhancements and improvements to each of his clients. Tim puts his clients needs first and creatively comes up with new ideas to improve their landscapes. Tim handles several of our largest clients. He is dedicated to each of them. Congratulations Tim on celebrating 30 years.


Gerardo Valdivia Hernandez, Landscape Foreman – Plainfield

Gerardo nicknamed “Chili” is one of most recognizable employees in the company with his infectious laugh. He specializes in outcropping installation. Chill is a true leader and is looked up to by all.

Roberto Castel, Landscape Foreman – Matteson

Roberto is a landscape foreman, where safety and working efficiently on a property is a priority. He has been the foreman at the Men’s U.S Open Golf Championship since 2010, traveling all over the country to work on prestigious golf courses. Thank you for 25 years of dedication.

Victor Villanueva, Head Mechanic – Ingleside

 Julian is a hard worker and is always willing to help the team. We appreciate his determination and dedication to Clarence Davids & Co. He is an inspiration to others because of his positive attitude. Congratulations!


Pedrico Enciso, Maintenance Crew Member – Plainfield

Pedro Enciso is celebrating 20 years with the company as a maintenance crew member at our Fox Valley office. Pedro is a valuable employee due to his experience, knowledge, attention to detail and dedication to his work. He is also a key employee in our snow operations. Congratulations!

Rogelio Salas, Maintenance Foreman – Matteson

Rogelio is a jack of all trades and has the ability to fix many things. During the holiday season he plays an integral part in holiday light installation and oversees snow removal services for clients on the south side of Chicago. Thank you for 20 years!


Alfonso Velasco Vasquez, Landscape Foreman – Ingleside

Alfonso started as a landscape laborer and a few years ago was promoted to a landscape foreman. Alfonso has a great team spirit and works well with the men on his crew. The past two seasons Alfonso has been in charge of some significant landscape jobs in northern Wisconsin. Thank you for all your hard work.

Carmelo Salazar, Maintenance Crew Member – Ingleside

Carmelo is a longtime maintenance crew member that is a dedicated hard worker with a positive attitude. This is what makes Carmelo a key team player for Clarence Davids & Co.

Isaias Olalde Galvan, Maintenance Foreman – Ingleside

When you think of Isaias, the words experience, flexibility and team come to mind. He always goes above and beyond each day to help us as a company achieve our goals. Thank you, Isaias.

Narcizo Hernandez Valadez, Landscape Foreman – Ingleside

For years Narcizo has been a stellar foreman at the north branch office. He works great with his crew and makes sure that everyone has a chance to voice their ideas on a job site. Because of the great attitude, work ethic and many years of hard work, he has been promoted to Assistant Landscape Manager. Congratulations on your new position and we look forward to seeing you continue to grow!


Anastacio Salazar, Landscape Foreman – Ingleside

Brigido Escobedo Barrios, Maintenance Foreman- Plainfield

Delfino Andrade Jr., Landscape Foreman – Matteson

Edgar Castel, Maintenance Crew Member – Matteson

Edilberto Vega, Maintenance Crew Member – Plainfield

Efrain Hernandez, Landscape Crew Member – Plainfield

Juan Francisco Garcia, Maintenance Foreman – Ingleside

Ramiro Arteaga, Landscape Foreman – Plainfield

Rodolfo Garcia, Landscape Crew Member – Matteson

Victor Alanis, Maintenance Crew Member – Plainfield