President’s Corner

One of the biggest and most exciting impacts on your landscape today is by adding seasonal annual color. Today we have quite an extensive pallet when designing your four season rotations to planting beds and planters. Working with our growers allows us to utilize tropical plants and the best varieties of annuals in the market. Because our designs are so unique, we have our supplier’s custom grow our plant material.

One of our best decisions many years ago was to hire landscape designers to create colorful, unique, spaces throughout the landscape. We have used seasonal rotations to beautify retail, residential, corporate, campus, golf course, multi-family properties and even the US Open Golf Championships. As we have been very blessed to expand in this area, we thank you for making that happen! It is very exciting to see the creativity from our team of designers go from the drawing board into your landscape.

Our team of designers are also helping the next generation of designers see what their profession looks like. They invite the University of Illinois to bring their junior and senior landscape architecture students and educators to our Matteson office once a year to show pictures, and designs. They get to see what type of career they have to look forward
to as interns and after graduation. 

I would also like to welcome Carie McKeown and Linda Dove to our team. Carie is an account Receivable Analyst in Matteson and Linda is an accounts payable assistant.

All of our team is ready, refreshed and anxious to make 2023 our best landscape season yet. Thank you for helping us make that happen!

Bill Davids, President