2021 Employee Anniversaries

Clarence Davids & Company is proud to have so many long-term employees. It is because of the commitment of our staff that we are able to be a consistent leader in the landscape industry. Below are some comments from Bill Davids regarding each employee celebrating an anniversary this year.

40 years

Constantino Capetillo – Head Mechanic – Matteson

Constantino was our first in house mechanic when we were located in Blue Island. He was later promoted to lead mechanic at the Plainfield shop and now serves faithfully as head mechanic in Matteson. Constantino has been a joy to work with and is always willing to go the extra mile.

Rodolfo Rojas – Maintenance Foreman – Plainfield

Rodolfo brings four decades of dedication and experience to Clarence Davids & Co. He maintains a variety of accounts and his communication skills are of great value to the company and the clients he serves. 

Roman Zaragosa – Maintenance Foreman – Plainfield

Roman is a pillar of dedication and experience. His attention to detail is showcased on his routes which contribute to his remarkable client retention rates. A true crew leader, he inspires everybody around him.

35 years

Cesario Moreno – Landscape Project Manager – Plainfield

Cesario started at the old Blue Island Office as a laborer, was promoted to foreman and later to project manager. He oversees foremen and crews as they install everything from annuals to patios. He is passionate about his jobs and is undeniably respected by everybody inside and outside of Clarence Davids & Co.

Francisco Echeverria – Foreman Maintenance – Matteson

Francisco takes care of large commercial and multi-family residential clients. He is always at the top of his game and takes great pride in his work. Francisco is very fortunate to work with an amazing crew. They work flawlessly together as a well oiled machine.

Jose Plascencia – Maintenance Foreman – Plainfield

For 35 years, Jose has been a dedicated, hardworking and loyal employee. Jose maintains one of our newest maintenance accounts. He also is a key team member for our lawn care department and snow accounts. 

Samuel Nunez – Maintenance Foreman – Plainfield

Samuel began as a crew member and was promoted to a foreman after 15 years. His cheerful smile and friendly demeanor brightens our client’s day. He is well liked and goes out of his way to take care of any special requests.

30 years

Debbie Davids – Payroll Analyst/Event Planner – Matteson

“I have been so blessed to be able to work alongside my wife for over 30 years,” says company President Bill Davids.  Debbie brings such inspiration and warmth to the company. She is a dedicated, hardworking leader. Debbie has the gift of a servant’s heart which she shares with us all.

25 years

Ciro Nuci – Landscape Yard Foreman – Matteson

Ciro has worked in a lot of departments at Clarence Davids & Co. including lawn care, maintenance, garage and landscaping. He manages all deliveries and nursery stock, setting up all the crews for each day.

Ciro is willing to work at whatever, wherever we need him with efficiency.

Guadalupe Soliz – Landscape Crew Member – Plainfield

Guadalupe has a positive attitude and can do spirit that is appreciated by all. Setting the tone for his coworkers, this seasoned veteran brings invaluable experience to the crew.

Jorge Zaragosa – Maintenance Crew Member – Plainfield

With 25 years of service, Jorge is a reliable asset to Clarence Davids & Co. Jorge works on his brother, Roman’s, crew and is considered his right-hand man. Jorge also is an integral part of our snow operations downtown.

Jose Luis Chavez – Foreman Maintenance – Matteson

Jose is our main downtown foreman who works out of our satellite yard in the city. Along with his crew, they are responsible for all the care, detail and expertise at a number of high profile clients in the central business district in Chicago.

Jose Ortiz – Landscape Crew Member – Plainfield

Jose Ortiz started in the yard helping to organize plant material and annuals in Plainfield. However, Jose’s talents could not be limited to just that office. Now Jose works most of the year in production and is also invaluable member for snow removal operations in the city.

Marcos Marquez – Crew Member Maintenance – Matteson

Marcos is among the most dependable workers at Clarence Davids & Co. As a mechanic’s helper he is extremely hardworking and very knowledgeable on all equipment. During the winter snows, he is a skilled skid-steer operator.

Miguel A. Espinosa – Landscape Foreman – Plainfield

Starting as a landscape laborer, Miguel was promoted to his current position of landscape foreman. He has worked on a whole range of landscaping projects that Clarence Davids & Co. has installed. With his incredible work ethic, Miguel inspires great comradery among the men on his crew.

Octavio Gonzalez – Landscape Project Manager – Ingleside

Octavio has filled many positions here at Clarence Davids & Co., making him an integral part of our Ingleside team. He is very organized, professional and knowledgeable. A great leader, Octavio always represents himself and our company well.

Rodolfo Munoz – Maintenance Crew Member – Plainfield

Rodolfo brings many years of experience to our maintenance department. He is a key team member on the crew that maintains a premier townhome community. Rodolfo’s work ethic is genuinely appreciated.

20 years

Antonio Valdez – Foreman Maintenance – Matteson

Antonio is our watering guy! He will work any time or day to keep your landscapes free from thirst. Antonio is fortunate to have his wife work alongside him.

Eduardo Lozano – Crew Member Maintenance – Matteson

Eduardo is the most easygoing, caring and hardworking crew member a foreman could hope to have. He is always punctual, calm and friendly. He is a great asset to the team.

Francisco Perez Jr. – Foreman Maintenance – Matteson

Heading up our swing crew, Francisco’s expertise shines in shrub pruning and trimming. We are grateful that he shares his talents with us every day. In the off-season he likes to grow avocados in Mexico!

Gervacio Ramirez – Maintenance Crew Member – Ingleside

Gervacio brings out the best in those around him. He is a source of inspiration and motivation to all of his coworkers. Gervacio’s contribution and commitment to our work is unmatched.

Gonzalo Herrera Jr. – Foreman Maintenance – Matteson

Gonzalo is a licensed lawn care operator and leads our weed control crew at a large industrial site. Every day he sets high standards and his crew looks up to him because of his strong leadership.

Guillermo Ortiz – Landscape Foreman – Plainfield

Guillermo, a landscape swing crew foreman, specializes in annual flower installations. Every day his goal is to make our client’s sites look spectacular. Ever reliable, Guillermo is always willing to do what it takes to get the job done.

Idilfonso Roman – Maintenance Crew Member – Ingleside

Idilfonso is a perfect example of loyalty! He always has a positive can-do attitude. Clarence Davids & Co. is grateful for having him these past 20 years.

Jose M. Olaguez – Maintenance Crew Member – Matteson

When you think of Jose; friendly, energetic and hardworking are the words that best describe him. He is a great team player and example to all. Jose is very dependable and always available during snow falls especially to keep our hospitals safe and clear.

Karen Clay – Administrative Assistant – Plainfield

Throughout the typical day, Karen switches hats many times, completing a multitude of tasks.  With her unwavering work ethic, Karen is one of the most dependable and reliable members of the office staff. She deserves five-star recognition!

Rafael Segura – Landscape Project Manager – Matteson

Rafael started in the maintenance department. He quickly moved to the landscaping department where he excelled as a foreman.  With passion for hardscaping, he earned a promotion to project manager. He now oversees some of our largest landscaping installations. Rafael is always positive and easy going.

15 years

Brenda LoCicero – Accounts Payable – Matteson

While she really does not have a minute to spare, Brenda is always willing to help out on any issue. Day in and day out she is inundated with non-stop paperwork. Her efficiency, thoroughness and commitment to Clarence Davids & Co. makes her a treasured asset to us and our vendors.

Carlos Chavez Barajas – Landscape Crew Member – Ingleside

Carlos’s great attitude, punctuality and team spirit are a credit to him. He exudes great confidence as one of the top performing workers on his crew. Carlos is very dependable during the winter with our snow removal operations.

Ismael Nava – Landscape Crew Member – Matteson

Over the years, Ismael has demonstrated strength and support in the landscaping department. Quiet and gentle, his force of character enhances and inspires the team. Ismael is a key player at the Men’s US Open Golf Championship.

Martha Alvarez – Maintenance Foreman – Matteson

Always ready to meet our needs, Martha can be found downtown daily very early in the morning. She uses her expertise to water and maintain our urban plantings with tender love and care. Her precision and attention to detail are a wonder.