Fall Watering

Important notice:  Your landscape may be in need of additional water this fall!   As you are all aware we have just logged a series of record breaking high temperature days.  On top of the prolonged extreme heat,  we are in the middle of a severe drought.  With new autumn flower rotations being installed and mature trees and shrubs under stress we want to make you aware of the need to keep irrigation systems going as late as possible this fall and to hand water plants regularly through October and into November.  The fall flowers do not have time to root into surrounding soil making them susceptible to drying out in a day or two without water.  Even if your flower beds are irrigated they will still require hand watering approximately every other day to ensure that all plants get watered directly at the root zone under plant.

Also, it is common that pop up heads are blocked by tall Chrysanthemums causing  incomplete water coverage.  Because of these issues, please have staff  check daily and hand water flower beds accordingly.  If you need assistance with watering or want to have some areas deep root watered please contact your account representative for pricing.