2017 Employee Anniversaries

Clarence Davids & Company is proud to have so many long-term employees. It is because of the commitment of our staff that we are able to be a consistent leader in the landscape industry. Below are some comments from Bill Davids regarding each employee celebrating an anniversary this year.

35 Years

Sam Martin was our first “outside” sales person we added to begin to grow the company. Sam, a graduate of the University of Illinois in Champaign, began his career after graduation and has been with us ever since. He is currently the Vice President of Sales. Sam has been a very energetic, client-oriented account representative. Handling several of our largest accounts, Sam has a very high rate of client retention.

30 Years

Paul Hughes is celebrating 30 years with Clarence Davids & Company. Paul is the landscape material coordinator at our Plainfield location. Paul’s responsibilities include purchasing all of the Fox Valley office’s seasonal color and supplies, overseeing the yard, and assisting the landscape production manager. Thank you, Paul!

Carol Klimowski began her career with Clarence Davids & Company in the accounts receivable department and with company growth over the years, she continues to be in charge of all our accounts receivable. Carol manages all of our invoicing and collections. Thank you for your loyal commitment to Clarence Davids & Company.

Jose M. Munoz is the maintenance project manager at the Fox Valley office. He was promoted from a foreman to manager in 2000. He brings us 30 years of leadership, loyalty, and job knowledge. We are very thankful for his many years of service and dedication to Clarence Davids & Company.

Kurt Pflederer is the Vice President of Design and he is celebrating his 30th year with Clarence Davids & Company. Along with being a leader in the sales team, Kurt has led the design team in producing many unique and exciting designs that have won many prestigious awards. We appreciate Kurt for his hard work and creativity he brings to Clarence Davids.

25 Years

Jose Nava is one of our three mechanics at our Fox Valley office and is celebrating 25 years of dedicated service to our company. He plays a key role in maintaining our fleet of equipment and trucks. Jose has a very special talent when it comes to metal work and has created unique elements for our landscape projects.

Carlos Nuci started out with Clarence Davids as a crew member and worked his way up to maintenance foreman in Matteson. Carlos’ hard work ethic and dedication help keep our maintenance accounts in top shape. Thank you, Carlos!

Victor Verdusco is our veteran lawn care foreman out of Matteson for the past 15 years. He started out as a crew member and worked his way up to foreman. Victor brings enthusiasm and years of knowledge to keep our lawns and plants healthy. Many thanks!

20 Years

Alberto Ayala is a highly respected maintenance foreman, who has been at the North Branch since day one when there was only one crew. He has moved up and takes care of a number our larger accounts, both for landscape and snow. Alberto has an excellent work ethic and is always a pleasure to work with.

Antonio Campa is the head mechanic at our Fox Valley office. Along with managing two additional mechanics, Antonio oversees all of the ordering of parts and documentation for the hundreds of pieces of equipment at the office. We thank Antonio for all his hard work he brings to the position.

Sergio Fernandez has provided 20 years of outstanding service to Clarence Davids as a landscape crew member. As a trusted right hand man to his foreman, Sergio’s experience is invaluable. His dependability and skill has helped our Fox Valley office tackle some of our most complex jobs.

John Huiner began his career with us right after high school. John worked as a laborer and then became a lawn care applicator for most of that time. When we had a need for a Landscape Production Manager in Matteson, John stepped into this role and for the past few years he has been handling that position very successfully.

Alfredo Sanchez is a maintenance crew member at our Fox Valley office. He brings us 20 years of dedication and teamwork. His attention to detail and job knowledge can be seen on all of the job sites he works at.

Salvador Verdusco is a foreman in Matteson. He keeps our customer, BP Amoco, weed free at the Whiting Refinery in Indiana. In 20 years, Salvador has remained accident free. Hats off to and congratulations Salvador!

15 Years

Barbara Anderson, an administrative assistant at our Matteson Corporate office, originally came to work for us for 2 years and then moved back to Texas. She returned in 2002 and has been a very important part of our office staff ever since. Her organizational skills and exceptional “can do” attitude helps keep our corporate headquarters office running smoothly. Thank you, Barb!

Karen Clay is the administrative manager for the Fox Valley office and she is celebrating 15 years with Clarence Davids. In addition to managing the office staff, she directly supports the sales and production teams. Karen’s attention to detail keeps the Fox Valley office running smoothly. Thank you Karen for everything you do!

Hugo Escamilla is now our Assistant Maintenance Project Manager, moving his way up from crew member and foreman. He has been at Hybernia Association and Estate Residences for years, creating long term relationships. He has a great knack of keeping clients calm and happy.

Gonzalo Herrera is a maintenance foreman in Matteson and heads our weed control crews at the BP Refinery in Whiting, Indiana. Gonzalo is a strong leader and sets a standard of hard work for the rest of us to follow. Thank you, Gonzalo!

Eduardo Lozano is a laid back hard working maintenance crew member in Matteson. Eduardo has not missed a day of work in all of his 15 years with Clarence Davids. Hats off to your unbelievable dedication!

Jose Magdaleno Olaguez is in our Matteson office and is a friendly and energetic crew member. He is dependable, diligent and always has a can do attitude.

Guillermo Ortiz has brought his easy going attitude to work every day. Guillermo is one of our most versatile employees that wears many hats in the landscape department. From planting flowers downtown, to installing trees in the suburbs, Guillermo can handle it all.

Francisco Perez Jr. is a maintenance foreman in Matteson. He heads our swing crew that covers our central business district work that is done two times per month. He is a very detailed-oriented foreman who does meticulous work.

Reynaldo Perez has been with Clarence Davids for 15 years. He is a hard working maintenance crew member and part of the Perez family. His dad and three brothers also work for us. Thank you for your dedication to the company!

Rafael Segura has faithfully served us for several years as a landscape foreman in Matteson. Rafael showed leadership by getting his best, positive results from the crew. When we needed an additional production manager, everyone voiced their unanimous vote of confidence for him. He now serves us utilizing his knowledge of construction techniques and encourages each laborer and foreman to do their very best.

Antonio Valdez is our watering guy. He waters all of our planters and landscape beds in the central business district. He is very energetic and understands how important watering is for the plants. He is always willing to work Saturday, Sunday, and during the evenings when water is needed.