Celebrating 65 years!

Milestone, benchmark, and precedent are a few words often used to signify a lifetime of success. In 2016, we celebrate the 65th anniversary of Clarence Davids & Company, marking a truly unique achievement for companies in our sector. An event of this magnitude would certainly not be possible without the loyalty and support of our clients. What began as a spark of an idea in 1951, with one pick-up truck and a few pieces of equipment, is now a leader in the green industry with three branches throughout Chicagoland.

Clarence Davids & Company’s “blue sapphire” celebration is a singular opportunity to celebrate and reflect on the values that have contributed to the success of the company. Our clients’ landscapes and the perseverance of the entire team have made it possible. It does not go without saying that Clarence Davids & Company team consists of long-term, creative, talented, and educated employees. Their hard work will continue to propel us into the future.

Below is a video that highlights some of our achievements over the past 65 years. Enjoy!