Plant Focus – Bounce Impatiens

In years past, Impatiens were considered the epitome of a summer flower for shady locations. They featured long bloom time, ease of growing, and a punch of color. However, in the past few years they have also featured Downy Mildew, a disease that affects impatiens by causing leaves to turn yellow and the plant to die. Without any effective treatments and a spreading problem, the recommendation was to stop planting impatiens altogether.

In response, nurseries began breeding new plant material. They focused on new and improved varieties of Begonia, Sunpatiens, and Coleus, among other shade tolerant plants. Though this gave us options, what was missing most was the fantastic color selection that the impatiens had given us. That problem has been solved by the introduction of the Bounce Impatiens.

Bounce Impatiens are available in colors including: violet, lavender, lilac, cherry, and white. Their color options, however, are just one of the benefits of having this plant on the market. Bounce impatiens boast their large, bright, self-cleaning flowers on sturdy branches reaching a height of 20-30” at maturity. These easy to grow plants will “Bounce” back quickly after a dry spell or few missed waterings. Through the hottest days of summer, Bounce Impatiens will deliver the dramatic floral impact we love to see in a shade garden.

White Bounce Impatien
White Bounce Impatiens
Cherry Bounce Impatien
Cherry Bounce Impatiens
Lavender Bounce Impatien
Lavender Bounce Impatiens
Violet Bounce Impatien
Violet Bounce Impatiens
Lilac Bounce Impatien
Lilac Bounce Impatiens