Fall Watering

Important notice:  Your landscape may be in need of additional water this fall!   As you are all aware we have just logged a series of record breaking high temperature days.  On top of the prolonged extreme heat,  we are in the middle of a severe drought.  With new autumn flower rotations being installed and mature trees and shrubs under stress we want to make you aware of the need to keep irrigation systems going as late as possible this fall and to hand water plants regularly through October and into November.  The fall flowers do not have time to root into surrounding soil making them susceptible to drying out in a day or two without water.  Even if your flower beds are irrigated they will still require hand watering approximately every other day to ensure that all plants get watered directly at the root zone under plant.

Also, it is common that pop up heads are blocked by tall Chrysanthemums causing  incomplete water coverage.  Because of these issues, please have staff  check daily and hand water flower beds accordingly.  If you need assistance with watering or want to have some areas deep root watered please contact your account representative for pricing.

Magnificent Mile Landscape Contractors Award

Clarence Davids & Company has been selected to receive a Landscape Contractors Award as part of The Magnificent Mile Association’s 2016/2017 Magnificent Mile Beautification Awards program. The awards will be presented at the Association’s Fall Membership Luncheon on September 27.

600 N. Michigan Avenue
625 N. Michigan Avenue
646 N. Michigan Avenue
633 N. Michigan Avenue
676 N. Michigan Avenue


717 N. Michigan Avenue

Merry Christmas from Clarence Davids & Company!

Dear Clients and Friends,

Thank you very much for helping us celebrate our 65th Anniversary year together.  Thank you for your trust and the opportunities you have provided each of us to sustain Clarence Davids & Company over the years and into the future.

On your behalf, we are making a financial gift to Providence Life Services.  Since 1959, Providence Life Services has been caring for mature adults, providing independent living and assisted living along with rehabilitation services. To learn more please go to their website: www.providencelifeservices.com.

From each of us at Clarence Davids & Company, we extend our very best wishes to you and your family for a very blessed Christmas.  We offer our prayers for Hope and Peace for the future.

Below is a video of some of the holiday decorations that we have installed this year. Enjoy!

Thank you again,

Bill Davids, President


2016 has been a great year! We are extremely thankful to our clients and friends who have made our 65th anniversary a success!

Check out this highlight video of some of the projects we completed this year!

The tulips have arrived!

Spring is finally here and we are so excited! Below are some of our favorite pictures that we have taken over the past week!

700 N. Mich. Ave.
700 N. Michigan Avenue, Chicago
Apple Store (Lincoln Park 01)
Lincoln Park Apple Store, Chicago
Crate & Barrel (N. & Clyborn 04)
Crate and Barrel, North Avenue & Clybourn, Chicago
625 N. Michigan Avenue, Chicago


Happy Spring!

Happy Spring from Clarence Davids & Company! Check out this video of the beautiful spring installations we have done!

Is your landscaping ready for Spring??? Take a look at more of our videos on YouTube!

Seasons Greetings!

In the true spirit of the season, we express our heartfelt thanks for our clients’ contributions to our success this past year. Best wishes to you and your family for a joyous holiday season and a happy new year!

Michigan Avenue Flower Awards

The Summer 2015 Magnificent Mile Beautification Walk was held on July 8. During this walk, committee members graded each property on North Michigan Avenue between the Chicago River and Oak Street. They reviewed the conditions of trees and plants, among other items. Clarence Davids & Company received 4 out of the top 5 awards! Below are pictures of these beautiful properties!

605 N. Michigan Avenue
605 N. Michigan Avenue
676 N. Michigan Avenue (Omni Hotel)
676 N. Michigan Avenue (Omni Hotel)
625 N. Michigan
625 N. Michigan Avenue
600 N. Michigan Avenue
600 N. Michigan Avenue

Plant Focus – Bounce Impatiens

In years past, Impatiens were considered the epitome of a summer flower for shady locations. They featured long bloom time, ease of growing, and a punch of color. However, in the past few years they have also featured Downy Mildew, a disease that affects impatiens by causing leaves to turn yellow and the plant to die. Without any effective treatments and a spreading problem, the recommendation was to stop planting impatiens altogether.

In response, nurseries began breeding new plant material. They focused on new and improved varieties of Begonia, Sunpatiens, and Coleus, among other shade tolerant plants. Though this gave us options, what was missing most was the fantastic color selection that the impatiens had given us. That problem has been solved by the introduction of the Bounce Impatiens.

Bounce Impatiens are available in colors including: violet, lavender, lilac, cherry, and white. Their color options, however, are just one of the benefits of having this plant on the market. Bounce impatiens boast their large, bright, self-cleaning flowers on sturdy branches reaching a height of 20-30” at maturity. These easy to grow plants will “Bounce” back quickly after a dry spell or few missed waterings. Through the hottest days of summer, Bounce Impatiens will deliver the dramatic floral impact we love to see in a shade garden.

White Bounce Impatien
White Bounce Impatiens
Cherry Bounce Impatien
Cherry Bounce Impatiens
Lavender Bounce Impatien
Lavender Bounce Impatiens
Violet Bounce Impatien
Violet Bounce Impatiens
Lilac Bounce Impatien
Lilac Bounce Impatiens